Private Computer Lessons

On-Site Techs provides computer lessons in the privacy of your own home or office. This allows us to make learning easy and convenient. We specialize in Microsoft, Linux and Apple platforms.


Our field experts are not just technicians – they are also trainers.  Whether you are new to the computer or consider yourself advanced in skill level, we can enhance your knowledge and help you be more proficient in your day-to-day computer work.  Our private and personalized lessons can make the difference between frustration and enjoyment!

What are the benefits to using a tutor from On-Site Techs?


Learning at your own home or office translates to a less intimidating environment, situated where you will most likely perform most of your computer tasks. You can choose those topics you would like to cover so we can adjust your computer’s setting to make the most of what you have.  You won’t have to remember the computer’s settings, because we’ll take care of it for you, right then and there.

Convenience and Flexibility

What’s more convenient than your own home or office?  Our private computer tutors understand that you are busy – we want to bring flexibility into your schedule.  You can choose the frequency of your personal computer lessons and eliminate any concerns of falling behind due to illness, travel or requiring more time on a certain lesson.


Our private computer tutors provide non-competitive environment of instruction for seniors and other students who like to work at their own pace.  You can ask questions freely and get the help you need.  And, each lesson can be customized to allow you to progress at your own pace.   With an affordable, personalized tutor your needs won’t get overlooked during class.  We help you all the way through until you understand everything the way you need to.

Going Beyond the Expected.  That’s what we’re all about at On-Site Techs.

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