Data Backup

We live in a digital age, personally and professionally.  Files that represent our lives and livelihoods are stored on our computers.  But, we all know things happen.

Before you run away at the thought of a complex backup system, you’ll be glad to know that the method of using cumbersome tape backups to protect your files is going the way of the horse and buggy.   In fact, these days it’s recommended that you have three forms of backup: external USB hard drive, online backup and CD (or DVD) media, each offering a different purpose and all simple and effective.  On-Site Techs can recommend a backup scheme specifically tailored to your needs, ensuring your data is backed up and protected at all times.  In the world of data it is important to never have all your “eggs” in one basket.  Keeping a backup copy of your data is the way to safeguard against almost any catastrophe.

The advantage of a USB hard drive backup is the portability.  You set your computer to back up to your USB hard drive on a schedule.  During an emergency you can simply unplug and run. On-Site Techs is expert in setting up the appropriate USB hard drive backup, whether you are using a PC, a Mac or a Linux computer.

When using the online backup method, Carbonite is our software of choice for your personal computer or home office.  The advantage to Carbonite is that your data is off-site and far away from danger  This means you don’t rely on the actual physical location of your computer; you simply load the software for protection 24/7 as your data uploads to a server managed through the Internet. Once you perform an initial backup to get started, Carbonite will then work to keep your files backed up from that point forward, even while you are working on them.  Carbonite intelligently notices the changes you make to your original files and automatically provides a backup for those changes.  It doesn’t get any easier!  The worthwhile investment of Carbonite software will pay for itself in the event of an inevitable system failure.  It’s not a matter of if… it’s a matter of when your computer will fail.  On-Site Techs is always available to set up your online backup system to help ensure you get your critical files back.

Backing up to CD or DVD media is today’s best archival method.  An archival backup is a backup in which all files are included, not just the files that have been most recently changed. It is recommended you make an archival backup every six months to a year.  Have you ever started to back up your data  not knowing what to do or what files to back up?  Have you ever tried to perform a backup only to find out half way through that your data does not fit on the form of media you were using?  On-Site Techs provides the right solution by performing your archival backup for you.  And, don’t worry if you don’t have the right equipment.  On-Site Techs will assess what you need and arrive prepared, or confidently order what we do not have in stock.

In business, if you’re like most consumers, you are constantly trying to find ways to lower capital and operational costs.   As a result, many companies perform the minimal amount of backup, putting themselves at risk for potential loss of data, often deferring to the excuse that it’s too time-consuming.  Staff is ineffectively assigned the backup task.  Who does what, and when?  Is that person equipped and knowledgeable to handle the task if there’s a glitch or failure?  More-often-than-not this task is based on office location.   You know, the one closest to the network server gets the responsibility.

Well, it’s finally time to make the change by putting the trust for online backup for your growing company in someone else’s hands – the experts at On-Site Techs.  Using an industrial strength online backup like Zmanda, our methods and systems are safe, confidential and protected.  Your business operations and company data won’t miss a beat with the expanded features offered through Zmanda.  Zmanda provides centralized backup for your files, database and applications.  The information used to run your business remain safe and secure, keeping your customers satisfied.

You’ll agree there’s no question about it.  Backup is essential.  With a stellar backup plan, lost data can be more easily recovered.  On-Site Techs can help you assess the best method for backup when we look at the type of data you want to protect, the type of documented media you want to preserve, the size of your computer, how often your files change and how you use the files.

In your home or office, it’s important to maintain a safe and secure online backup system, critical in  preventing a system crash.   We’ll make sure your computer is up to date, and that updates are done automatically. We’ll even help you measure actual backup and restoration space, and identify any resource concerns you might have.

To help you maximize the backup method you are currently using (or plan to use), here are a few of our favorite tips:
Open files don’t get backed up.  So, if you have a tendency to keep lots of files opened, those may be the very files that need to be protected.
In the case of fire or natural disaster, the best backups are always online backups.

Always password protect your backup.
If you’re just becoming familiar with any type of backup process, whether it be a USB or online for home or office, we’re here to guide you in the right direction.
Going Beyond the Expected.  That’s what we’re all about at On-Site Techs.
Contact us today to discuss the options for Online Backup for your business or home computer.