On-Site Techs’ June 2011 Newsletter


After much research and effort, the first issue of On-Site Techs’ newsletter is now here! Please read to the end to learn about this month’s service discount.

In the digital age we live in, we are all inundated with great new programs and technological gadgets. Keeping up with it all can be mind boggling. That’s where the On-Site Techs’ newsletter comes in.

As a service, On-Site Techs provides helpful IT solutions. We are a knowledgeable resource for just about everything computer related. But often, when on-site, we find ourselves providing a great solution for one customer and wishing we could share it with everyone. That’s what our newsletter is all about. We want to make everyone’s computer experience a better one. So, we’ve committed to making a regular newsletter covering just those sorts of things – short and sweet.



How often should I backup my computer?

How often should my computer get maintenance?

Software and Utilities – I never knew my computer could do that!

Should I buy a Mac or a PC?

Cool things browsers and their add-ons can do – Part I

Which Anti-Virus is the best?

Social Networking and Marketing Your Website


We will provide answers to commonly asked technology questions and help everyone from the computer novice to the more adventurous “do-it-yourselfer.” We want everyone to derive more benefit from technology. Through this publication, we’ll keep you informed about newer technological innovations, and our top recommendations. We will also let you know as informative improvements to our website are made.


Thank you, and as always we welcome your feedback.

Best Regards,

John Airy